Approach Flow Piping

Approach Flow Piping

Throughout our history, August Winter & Sons has designed and fabricated thousands of elbows, tees, laterals, true wyes, offsets, reducers, and spools. Many jobs require special inside finishes. The electro-polished surface shown here is being inspected for smoothness with a digital profilometer. Other projects require special welding material and unique metal-to-metal connectors. Our knowledgeable team, including project managers and skilled craftsmen, takes great pride in delivering fabricated "works of art".

Fabricated piping takes on a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Regardless of complexity, every component must fit and align perfectly when installed. It has to be "right on" the very first time - so process operations can get back on line, on schedule.

Approach flow pipe fabrication is an art. Every angle and dimension is critical. We take the most complex plans and create masterpieces that fit perfectly every time. Process industries come to August Winter & Sons from all over the Midwest, because they know we'll do it right.

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