HVAC Service

HVAC Service

August Winter & Sons Inc. has installed and serviced commercial and industrial HVAC systems for more than 50 years. Our team of skilled service technicians can be conveniently accessed with one simple phone number (920) 739-8881 24-hour-a-day any day of the year.

The AWS service department provides our customers with the peace of mind that their HVAC equipment is being serviced and maintained properly the first time. Whether you have a small simple unit or a large complex HVAC system from any major manufacturer our service technicians, with over 290 years of combined experience, have the knowledge and training to handle any situation that may arise.

August Winter & Sons regularly works with our customers to provide you with the latest HVAC service program incentives and rebates which are offered by Focus on Energy and WE Energies. We understand that an efficiently operated system directly affects your bottom line.

For more information regarding our service department please contact Mark Hill at (920) 739-8881 or mhill@augustwinter.com

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