Focus on Energy

Energy Rebates and Incentives

August Winter & Sons, Inc. has vast knowledge and experience of working with the local utilities and Grant Programs to be sure proposed systems are maximizing these opportunities.

We have a close working relationship with Focus on Energy and Energy Star to achieve energy efficient systems. August Winter & Sons, Inc. is recognized by Focus on Energy as a "Preferred Program Ally".

Members of our company attend regular Focus on Energy Seminars to obtain the most current information regarding energy efficiency in construction. We have also been recognized in newspaper articles regarding our efforts to help others save energy.

Practical Energy Management for Commercial Buildings:

  1. Set energy and savings goals
  2. Complete utility history
  3. Complete equipment usage information
  4. Develop your energy savings plan
  5. Implement your energy savings plan
  6. Monitor your savings plan

The Process:

  1. The process is typically initiated by the Owner, Contractor, Supplier, or Focus on Energy before construction begins.
  2. Focus on Energy will visit the job site with the Contractor and will prepare energy savings calculations based on the old equipment and the proposed new equipment. Energy savings could be gas, electric, water etc.
  3. Focus on Energy offers grants and other incentives based on the site visit. Focus on Energy may have some additional energy savings ideas that will be shared at this time.
  4. The Contractor then proposes to the Owner new equipment reflecting cost savings.
  5. The Owner accepts or rejects the proposal of the Contractor
  6. Reimbursement checks are sent to the Owner from Focus on Energy

Our Energy-Focused Project History:

  • Appleton Center boiler project
  • Appleton Center controls and air conditioning
  • Landmark boiler project
  • Neenah Schools boiler projects
  • Neenah Schools steam traps project
  • Appleton Area School District boiler projects (East, West, Jefferson, Franklin)
  • Kaukauna Area School District boiler projects (Park, Nicolet)
  • Kaukauna Area School District (Riverview) feasibility study with Focus on Energy

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